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Stephanie & David

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Imagine this: a picturesque farm setting, the sun casting a golden glow over the rolling hills, and two lovebirds ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. That’s the scene that unfolded at Belgenny Farm when Stephanie and David said “I do” in a celebration that was as sweet as a ‘Kath and Kim’ re-run (of which Stephanie watched six times in the past year)!

An excerpt from their real marriage ceremony:

“Well, before we celebrate with a glass of ‘cardonnay’ and open the BBQ shapes, I’d like to spend the next few minutes telling you one of the true-story versions of how David and Stephanie got here today.

This love story begins with Stephanie, a lively school teacher, living at her Mum’s house. She’s stress-free, filling her time with soccer and Oztag games with friends when she’s not teaching. Life is simple, just the way she likes it.

Now, let’s introduce David. He’s also hanging his hat at his mum’s place, juggling a full-time job while earning a qualification. He spends his weekends with friends, having a good time and just being a regular guy.

The funny part? They both went to the same senior high school. But, they never really talked, at least not according to Stephanie. David, on the other hand, remembers a few words being exchanged. Funny how memory works, isn’t it?

One day, Stephanie stumbles upon a photo of David on Instagram. She has always found him handsome, but now something clicks. She reacts to the photo, and soon they’re chatting away. David, ever the good listener, takes the time to really get to know Stephanie. 

And that, folks, is how our lovebirds start to see each other in a different light. Stephanie finds that David’s personality makes him even more attractive. The more they talk, the more she likes him. David, meanwhile, teases that Stephanie was “snooping” through his Instagram.”

Fast forward a few months, and here they are, standing beneath the old oak tree at Belgenny Farm, ready to take the plunge into happily ever after. The air is thick with anticipation, in the hopes that David will cry when he sees Stephanie – and yes, he delivered with a sob that created a domino effect along his line of groomsmen!

As they exchange vows, there’s not a dry eye in the crowd.

And then, it happens. With a kiss that’s sweeter than a Tim Tam on a summer day, Stephanie and David become husband and wife. Cue the cheers, cue the confetti, and cue the sound of hearts skipping a beat faster than you can say “true blue.”

As they dance beneath the moonlight, surrounded by friends, family, and the faint glow of fairy lights, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of their happily ever after. Because when you’ve got love as strong as theirs, every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

So here’s to Stephanie and David, the newest addition to the farmyard of love. May your days be filled with laughter, your nights be filled with cuddles, and your hearts remain as full as each other’s.

What they said: 

“Cassandra was absolutely fabulous and made our day so much more special! Her service was phenomenal. We had so many people saying how good Cass was and how the ceremony was so much better because of her. If you are looking for a fantastic celebrant, Cass is your go to!”

Stephanie and David. 24.March.2024. Belgenny Farm..

Their Dream Team Vendors:

Wedding Venue – Belgenny Farm
Photo + Video Team – Andres and Co
Flowers – Taylor Made Bouquets
Ceremony and Canape Hour Entertainment – Karleigh Rose Music
Bridal Gown – Rain Bridalwear
Bridesmaids Dresses – Billy J Boutique
Suits – Politix Menswear
Wedding RIngs – Stephanie – Alexander Jewellers + David – Michael Hill
Makeup Artist – Mobile Makeup Sydney
Hair Stylist – Style With A Twist
Reception DJ – DJ Jess Sydney
Cake – Cake Ohh Licious
Celebrant – Cass Fisher