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How to Get Married in 10 Easy Steps

How to Get Married in 10 Easy Steps

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Congratulations on your engagement!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Meet with me (obligation free) to discuss your ceremony, my services and fees.
  2. Pay your Booking Fee to secure your special date (this is part of the quoted ceremony fee, not an
    extra cost).
  3. Eighteen (18) months to one (1) month before your ceremony: Start the legal documentation by completing your Notice of Intended Marriage. I will need to sight original documents to prove your date and place of birth; photo identification; and documents proving the dissolution of any previous marriages.
    • Six (6) weeks after our first meeting: Answer the Ceremony Information sheet and Couples Quiz that I will email to you. Return these documents to me so I can start personalising your ceremony.

Date and Venue: This is probably the most difficult part of your planning because it is so connected to your budget…It’s always great to know your timeline when booking your suppliers!
  1. Book a Pre-Wedding Workshop meeting (zoom or in-person). Borrow my Resource Folder to
    help you design some elements of your ceremony; such as readings, vows and ring exchanging.
    My Resource Folder is also available online via Google Drive (I will send a link).
  2. I will draft your ceremony and email it to you, along with a link to your Couples Quiz. We will
    work together to edit the script with any changes or inclusions to make your ceremony perfect.
  3. Four months before your ceremony: Pay 50% of your remaining balance.
  4. One month before the ceremony: Pay the final balance of your invoice.
  5. One week before the ceremony: We meet again for you to sign the next legal document, the
    ‘Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage’. And, if possible, do an on-site rehearsal to
    choreograph your wedding party movements.

  1. On your Wedding Day:
    • I will: Conduct and solemnise your marriage
    • I will: Provide my sound system with microphone for your guests to hear the ceremony.
      You are invited to nominate a guest to operate your personalised music. Or, I can provide a music assistant, for an extra fee
    • I will: Provide a signing table and two chairs
    • You will: Nominate two witnesses (both over 18 years of age)
    • You will: Sign three Certificates (two for records and one for you to keep)
  2. After your ceremony:
    • I will: Register your marriage with Births, Deaths & Marriages .
    • I will: Give you a printed copy of your ceremony script.
    • I can: Order your RegisteredMarriage Certificate (at the current BDM fee of $60). When it is
      delivered to me, I will make 5 certified copies (I’m also a JP).