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How to Apply for a Shortening of Time!

How to Apply for a Shortening of Time!

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So, what is a ‘Shortening of Time’?

Here in Australia, an Authorised Marriage Celebrant must receive your “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) with a minimum of 1 month’s notice or a maximum of 18 months. If your intention is to marry within 1 month, then you will need to apply for permission from a Prescribed Authority. There are only certain circumstances when a shortening of notice time for an intended marriage may be considered.

Have you lodged your Notice of Intended Marriage within the required 1 month or maximum of 18 months notice time?

Circumstances to satisfy a request to shorten the time:

There are five limited categories of circumstances set out in the Marriage Regulations.

These are:

  1. Employment-related or other travel commitments.
  2. Wedding or celebration arrangements.
  3. Medical reasons.
  4. Legal proceedings.
  5. Error in giving notice

What is a Prescribed Authority?

A Prescribed Authority is the person who will assess your application to marry within the regulation 1 month’s notice. It is up tho their discretion to consider your individual case for your application. A list of these authorities can be found here:

You will need to apply in person. Take these documents with you when applying for the shortening of time:

  • The original NOIM that has been received by me (or another Authorised Celebrant). Generally, this NOIM should not leave the possession of the celebrant, so I may choose to attend the office of the Prescribed Authority with you.
  • A letter from me (or your celebrant) that acknowledges the receiving of your NOIM and the specific circumstances as to why you are applying for the shortening.
  • All of your original documents that support those circumstances. Evidence is required for each separate circumstance.

It is not a foregone conclusion that a shortening will be granted as parties to a marriage do have to have a very good reason within the guidelines of the Marriage Regulations.