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Heath & Isabella

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Read part of the unique marriage ceremony script that was written for Heath and Isabella. These two are all about living life to the fullest, and their wedding at Camden Valley Inn was no exception. From the moment they said “I do,” it was clear that this was going to be a celebration for the ages.

Heath & Isabella

The following is a excerpt from their real wedding ceremony:

“Well, this love story begins on Instagram, a place where hearts are often won and lost in the swipe of a finger. Our characters, Isabella and Heath, are yet to meet in person.

Heath is scrolling through his feed when he stumbles upon a picture of Isabella. She is radiant, her smile as bright as the summer sun, and her eyes sparkling like the stars. The picture is from a photoshoot she did with their mutual friend, Erwin, who happens to be our professional photographer here today. 

Isabella, in the midst of a fitness model competition, looks stunning. 

Heath is smitten. For a whole six months Heath likes every one of Isabella’s stories. He patiently waits. He watches from afar, admiring her love for nature and hiking, something they both share.

Meanwhile, Isabella, oblivious to Heath’s online admiration, continues to post on her Instagram. One day, she notices that a certain someone likes every single one of her stories. Intrigued, she clicks on Heath’s profile, wondering who this mystery man could be.

She notices that he loves nature and hiking, just like her. 

A smile creeps onto her face. She thinks to herself, ‘Why not? At least I have a new friend I can go hiking with!’

And they slide into each other’s Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram. 

Heath, being the outdoorsy guy he is, suggests a hike. Isabella is a bit hesitant at first. She likes him, sure, but hiking alone with a man she hasn’t met? That’s a little scary. But Heath, understanding her worries, comes up with a solution. “How about we meet up for a coffee first?” he suggests. Isabella agrees, feeling relieved and excited at the same time.”

As guests arrived at Camden Valley Inn, they were greeted with a sense of excitement and anticipation – after all, this was no ordinary wedding. From the stunning scenery to the laid-back vibe, everything about Heath and Isabella’s big day was a reflection of their fun-loving personalities and zest for life.

And as they sealed their vows with a kiss, surrounded by their loved ones and the stunning scenery of Camden Valley Inn, it was clear that this was another fun chapter of their epic adventure together. From here on out, it’s nothing but laughter, love, and endless adventures for Heath and Isabella – and we can’t wait to see where life takes them next!

So here’s to Heath and Isabella, the dynamic duo who know how to throw a wedding that’s as epic as they are. May your days be filled with laughter, your hearts be filled with love, and your gym gains be forever on point. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and epic memories together!

What they said: 

“A huge thank you to Cass, our amazing wedding celebrant! She went above and beyond, not only orchestrating a beautiful ceremony but also extending her warmth to greet all our guests. Cass made our day seamless and memorable. Her dedication and personal touch truly set the tone for an unforgettable celebration. We couldn’t be more grateful for her outstanding service. Highly recommended!”

Heath and Isabella. 14.Nov.2023. Camden Valley Inn..

Their Dream Team Vendors:

Wedding Venue – Camden Valley Inn
Photos – Erwin, their friend
Videographer – David, AK Productions Sydney
Florals – Amy from Camie Fleur
Ceremony Music – Lily Road Band
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Monique Kazokas
Cake – Flour Trip
Gelato Cart for Happy Hour – LR Party Hire
Celebrant – Cass Fisher