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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious celebration to mark the arrival of a new child. It is a way of welcoming the child and officially introducing him/her to family and friends, in a personalised and meaningful way

They are generally popular to coincide with baby’s first birthday.

Naming Ceremonies can involve all the important people in a child’s life, so parents can have the opportunity to ask other adults to play a supportive role in their child’s life, including grandparents, Godparents or mentors. Other children can also be included.

Whilst there is no legal status, I will create and issue certificates for the important people.

Each ceremony is unique and is a wonderful way to welcome your child and celebrate them as they begin their journey through life. You want to share your dreams and aspirations for your child’s future and acknowledge your responsibility to them.

Planning The Naming Day

Date and Time
Consider your child’s sleeping / eating schedules and plan around them (easier said than done, sometimes!)
Is it best to host your ceremony at your home, or at a location where there are facilities for play and serving food & drinks?
Your Special People
Including the special people for your child can bring extra personal meaning to your ceremony. You may want to appoint the equivalent of "Godparents" or Guide Parents, Fairy Godmother or Mentors, to offer extra love and guidance over the years to come.
Ceremony Style and Format
There is a questionnaire for you to complete. From your answers I will create a bespoke ceremony for you. We can incorporate readings and symbolic acts that become inclusive for your guests – Sand Ceremonies, Time Capsules, Petal Toss or perhaps a community vow of support.
Music to Celebrate Your Little One
When the ceremony concludes, we will sign your Certificates and wrap up with some meaningful songs – including some kids tunes to connect the generations and start the party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I will print your Readings and place them in a folder for your chosen guest to read from.

Yes, I can. If you need me to supply items for symbolic acts, there is a small fee.

The beauty of choosing me to lead your Naming Ceremony takes the stress out of arranging this important day.

I have a wealth of experience writing and conducting ceremonies. I am a confident speaker, empathic listener and touching writer. I am passionate about celebrating important moments in life!


I have a home office where we can meet, or via zoom! If suitable, I have the flexibility to meet with you at a convenient location. Book an Appointment

Yes. I will give you a Resource Folder to help you design your ceremony. And, there is a Questionnaire that is easily accessible online. Once I have the first draft of your ceremony, I send you an online link for your revision. We work on it together until it’s perfect.

I Will Be With You As You Name Your Precious Little One.

Let’s meet and chat over coffee, or online about all things weddings.